Sunday, March 20, 2005

Crafting Update ...

Last night I did some sewing.
I would have finished the yellow dress that I want to finish, but I'm missing something for the collar, and I have nothing here that I can use in it's place ... so off to the craft store I will go soon becuase I want to finish it LOL!!
I started another dress since I couldn't finish that yellow one. I managed to get all of the 2 sleeves done! But it takes elastic and I had to do casing on it. Although it's easy, I haven't done it before so it just went a bit slow. But once I get the sleeves and the neckline done it should go pretty fast becuase I think those are the only places that take elastic!
I am about 5/8ths through the blanket - over half done which isn't bad really! I also started another scarf to send up to my friend B.
So, I'm finally back into the swing of things and feeling good about it! I'm ready to get some things done and taken care of! LOL!
And hopefully, I'll have pictures to show tomorrow =)

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