Monday, March 28, 2005

Currently working on ....

dress I am making for my 2 year old.
The pattern was designed by my friend over at Chronicles of Yarnia. So far so good. Of course I'm not very far, and this piece is only the front (or the back!) LOL! But I think it will be cute in the end! =)

Sock I am making for my 5 year old. I had about twice this amount done yesterday when I realized I misread the pattern and had to start over! Hate it when that happens!
Also laughed today becuase someone told me they would never have the patience to make a sock when it was so much easier to go pay a couple of bucks for them at the local store! Yeah, sometimes it is easier, but I admit it, when my 5 year old asks me to make her one, comes to the store to help pick out the yarn, well ... how can I say no to that! LOL!

I also want to add, that blogger is really annoying me lately. 75% of the time the pages won't load. I can't send pictures to it without resending them several times and I know there are issues with comments.
I really hope the bugs are worked out soon, otherwise I may have to jump ship again and go somewhere else. It's frustrating ... anyway ... want to comment/say something to me and it won't work ... e-mail me at!

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  1. Thank you so much for doing the dress. :) Mine is coming along, and so far looks like a dress. lol.

    I really like that yarn you have on that sock...I don't think you mentioned what it is?


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