Friday, February 18, 2005


The sock is done and on the foot (although the starting yarn hasn't been weaved in yet! LOL!)

Sideways view

First problem: way too wide for my foot ... look at all that extra width

Second problem: a little bit too long ... apparently I have little feet?

Sort of close up of the grafting. It wasn't that hard. It really has a rhythm to it that felt easy to me. However, you can see that it doesn't look "centered" on the sock and I don't know if that was supposed to be like that or not?

Anyway, I am pleased with the outcome for my first sock, but even if I made it's match, it would obviously not be for my foot. I'm kind of bummed that it seems so large for me. When I passed hte gusset part and started to work on the foot, it told me to go for 7.5 inches (or 2" less than desired length). My entire foot is only 8" long! So I obviously didn't go for another 7.5", but I guess I could have cut out a row or two. But I don't know how to modify the width of it and make it so both my feet couldn't fit into one sock!
Oh well .. at least I know I can do it ... now I either need to learn to modify a pattern or find another one! LOL!

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