Monday, February 14, 2005

Woo-hoo ...

Finished the pink blanket! Yeah! I'm so excited. I think it has turned out pretty darn nicely if I do say so myself!
Started the socks ... so far it looks not like a sock or even part of a sock, but I've only cast on adn gone around one time. So I hope that as I go, it will get easier. I don't like doing it though. It's too loose and the unused needles are flopping around and getting in the way. The baby booties I knit use the double-pointed needles, but it's after I have a base to give them shape. This doens't have that base for the shape. But, I will keep going and hopefully actually have something that kind of resmebles a sock when I'm done! LOL!

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  1. Starting to do socks in the round is a *&%#@. Make sure when you get to the beginning of the next round that you give an extra tug on the yarn to make it tight (don't let it have any slack). You might try moving a few stitches from one needle to the next to keep from having that nasty gap which is difficult to avoid while just starting knitting in the round. Hope that makes sense.


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