Sunday, February 20, 2005


Today I went shopping. Picked up 11 new sewing patterns, bunch of notions, and some fabric.
Came home and managed to prewash all the fabric and started to cut out patterns to begin putting together some dresses/outfits for the kiddos! Based on what I spent and what I can make, it will average 18.33 per outfit. Of course, that includes twice the amount of interfacing I needed to buy. And one fabric was so cute! I needed 1 yard for what I wanted to make, but ended up getting 4 just in case!
Sometimes this week, I will go shopping again to get more patterns and more fabric! And some notions I forgot to get today (or simply couldn't find).
I can't wait! My oldest is excited! She picked out the fabric for the stuff I am going to make her. And she can't wait to see how it looks! But, then again, neither can I! LOL!

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