Tuesday, February 15, 2005


She's a pure genius! I never thought about moving stitches over to get it tight between the needles! I have about an inch and a half done. I can finally see it taking shape. For the first inch the stich is k1 p1 k1 p1 ... which for the first 2 rows looks pretty messy and icky, but after that it sort of takes on it shape. Now for 5 inches I have to stockinette stitch. I think after that the hard part starts ... but we'll see! I hope I can catch on pretty darn quickly!
I'm using a pattern from Lion Brand for it .... Free Knitting Pattern: MAGIC STRIPES Basic Sock It's the same pattern that came with the yarn, but if I'm not mistaken the pattern on the yarn wrapper has mistakes in it. Just to be safe, I printed off the one from their website!

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  1. Save the heel for a good time when you're not distracted. It's not difficult, but because it's unfamiliar, it could be a challenge. It really makes sense when you put it all together, though.

    I checked over the pattern and like the grafting directions. It is better written than many others I have read.


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