Monday, March 10, 2014

Knitted Hats

As I have been working through my to-do list of things to knit, I had two hats on it for a special friend.

A few months ago, I sold a few knitted scarves to get donations for my Avon Walk (that's coming soon!). I took a picture of all the scarves and put it on facebook. I was pretty nervous that no one would want them, but alas, a few of them sold pretty quickly!

A friend reached out and asked if I could make her a hat instead. Sure!

This is a special friend. We've never met in person. We first connected on twitter - her with brain cancer and me with breast cancer. It's not luck that we connected. I love her and think she's awesome. So I jumped at the chance to get to make her something.

I knew that whatever I made, it had to be soft. And it had to be pretty. Soft because I know from being bald, you don't want something uncomfortable on your head and pretty because I needed the hats to match her soul!

So I worked up these two hats for her. I think they turned out so well - and Miss 11 (who was a fabulous model for me again) tried to sneak one to keep. To be fair, green is her favorite color as well so she was immediately drawn to them.

The hats didn't take too long to work up. But then I forgot to mail them. Then I procrastinated mailing them. I think I finished knitting them in November? And didn't mail them until the end of February? Shame on me.

But alas, they were finally mailed and made it out to their new home!

I loved making them. And I'm so pleased with how well they turned out. I think the green and pink one is my favorite - but I love how the two colors turned out together. The all green hat is the one Miss 11 wanted to steal, so it's possible I will be knitting this again soon!

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