Saturday, March 08, 2014

Busy Fingers

Harry Potter Scarf
It's a big scarf!
Since the late fall I've been busy knitting lots of wonderful things to send to people!

Most of what I've been working on has been requested - which I love! No, seriously, I love it when people say, hey can you make . Because then I can tell you straight up if I can or can't. And if I can make it, I don't have to worry about if you'll like it or not! Alright, I still worry about if what I'm making will be liked because I'm good at that, but I worry less. 

Harry Potter Scarf
Anyway, a Harry Potter scarf was requested from me over the summer! I've been slowly, slowly knitting away at it - a little here, a little there. I knit this scarf in the round, over two circular needles. I don't often knit that way so it took my hands a bit to get used to it, but it really works well for this particular scarf!

But I knit it up and sent it off. Even though it was requested quite some time ago, I think it arrived to A during a time of transition for her. And I hope that the timing was good. A was moving from one place to another and this was waiting for her at the new place. I hope it brought a smile to her face and helped with the transition (even though, she wasn't particularly nervous about it). 

{Side note: a big thank you to Miss 11 who happily paused her minecraft game to come and model my knitting for me!}

I also knitted a prayer shawl. This is my standard prayer shawl - I knit for people when I think they could use a hug, a good thought, a prayer. Often times I'm knitting this after hearing sad news from people. It is the reason that while I love knitting this shawl and think it always turns out lovely, I hate knitting this shawl. I never want to have to make this for someone.

And yet, it's something I can do at a time when I often feel like there isn't much else I can do. 

This prayer shawl is going to a woman I don't really know, though I know her daughter. The mother learned not too long ago that she had breast cancer. Naturally, my heart sank when I learned the news from her daughter. And I immediately started to think of both of them - of the whole family really. One person doesn't get cancer, the whole family gets cancer.

They aren't local to me. So there wasn't much I could do - I can't bring a meal, can't go clean. So I sat down and started knitting this.

It turned out lovely. I once read that a shawl is like a knitted hug. I think this often every time I knit a shawl. I hope that it can bring just a small amount of comfort on those bad days, sad days, etc. It's not as great as an in-person hug, but I hope it does the job for the times I can't physically hug someone.

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  1. Wow. You are very talented. Would love to learn to knit, but my eyes cross when I watch the tutorials :P


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