Friday, January 31, 2014


Phew. It's Friday. And January is almost over. One-twelfth of the year. Done. Just like that!

Like most of the country, we've been freezing. I don't know if we are having one of the worst winters ever, but it might be the worst winter I've lived through. And we've got more snow coming in. On Saturday. Then next Tuesday. And maybe next Friday. Some models predict 18" from today through next Wednesday.

At least it's not 18" in a day. Or an hour. Because it feels like maybe that is how this winter is going.

I think most of us in this house are suffering from winter blues, and being housebound. Except my husband. Who is suffering from what-is-normally-a-one-hour-commute-is-even-worse-in-bad-weather.

It hasn't been like Atlanta. My poor heart hurts thinking about how some people slept in cars, on the road, kids sleeping in schools. Oh my.

But I am so over winter. I would like some sunshine and warmth. A beach and an ocean full of bath-temperature water wouldn't hurt. And maybe a babysitter to play with the kids while I just be.

Alas, since that isn't an option, I've been knitting and crocheting a lot. I've also spent a good deal of time decluttering this house - because it is long overdue! Since I'm a kind of hoarder and really good at justifying keeping all of the things, this has been a mental challenge for me, as well as a physical challenge. Several bags of garbage, recycling, and donation have been filled and moved. This will be an on-going project so I might be blathering on about it. I apologize in advance for that!

But today is Friday. I'm going to try to balance getting a lot done with also relaxing a bit. And enjoying Friday!

Whatever your Friday is bringing, I hope you are warm! And that you have a good weekend!


  1. I had to drive to work on Friday and hope to not get stuck. I did it, but I was never so glad to get home. Ugh!

  2. Lots of knitting going on here, too. But frightfully little snow. :-(


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