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Diane and I last year
Today's guest post is also from an Avon walker. I met Diane last year when I did my first Avon walk. She stayed by my side last year and encouraged me to walk the entire thing - which was extremely important to me. Even when I yelled at her and didn't want to take another step! We walked together again this year, and will walk again next year. Diane has endless amounts of energy and a spring in her step! I'm so glad we are One More Mile teammates! Diane is a physical therapist by day and an avid sewer and wonderful grandmother by night.

by Diane

Cancer....something evil or malignant that spreads destructively .  This is  one of the definitions I found when looking in the dictionary and  I tend to agree. This powerful disease has not affected me personally  since my brother passed away in 1974 of Leukemia. Cancer has invaded my friends and their families.  It has been evil and destructive to their lives, changing their course forever. Throughout the years I have become more saddened as Cancer infected those around me.  I have felt devastated and  helpless because I could not fully understand their battles and the feelings that enveloped the victims. Over  the past few years I finally decided that I CAN and will make a difference.
Diane, always with a smile on her face!
This past year especially has been one with a variety of mood swings when it comes to cancer in my life.  Two of the most amazing ladies I know are breast cancer survivors.  Sue is a 6 yr survivor and Brandie a mere 34 is a 1 ½ yr survivor.  They have both taught me what courage and faith is about.
Two years ago I found out a friend of mines daughter in law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 33.  She began treatments and is doing well.  An amazing young lady who has never lost faith. 
Just recently a friend of mine became an angel in heaven.  She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer  and after treatment for that she was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and passed away recently.  She was a wonderful lady who made everyone smile.

Last fall I lost a very special patient.  She was diagnosed several years ago with stage 4 breast  cancer which then metastasized to the bone.  After fighting for several years she stopped her treatments and put everything in Gods hands.  Margaret lived everyday to its fullest.  She gave life all she could.  This courageous individual taught me that even though obstacles get in our way we must fight these battles to the best of our abilities.  She touched my heart, filled my soul & changed me as a person forever
Almost a year ago very good friend  lost her father to colon cancer after a courageous fight

Diane, me and team Amazeboobs
If Margaret, Polly, Maggie, Brandie, Sue  and  Curtis & hundreds of thousands of others I don't know can fight the battle for their lives who am I not to stand in the trenches & fight with them? I have made fighting cancer my mission, if I can help others become aware of the necessity to become involved fighting the fight then I have completed my mission This will not be an easy task as each day hundreds of individuals are diagnosed with cancer. If I can educate others, your Mom might be around in a few years, your daughter won't be 35 years old fighting for her life & I will know in my heart that I made my angels Polly & Margaret proud.
I have chosen to walk each year in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer because I feel this is my mission.  I feel so right to walk and raise funds that will help educate others and hopefully one day put an end to this disease.  Though this is a devastating illness and I can only imagine the challenges victims face I know in my heart that I am in it to end it and I pray that one day this will be no more.

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