Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So, I'm alive. This weekend was hectic and crazy to say the least - it was a good weekend though, and that counts for a lot in my book!

I worked the craft fair Saturday as planned. We won't talk much about this - I was working the booth for both my stuff and for another business. Well, the other business did fabulously. I sold nothing. Not a thing. Sigh. Oh well. What can I do? Not much at this point.

Anyway, got home. Change clothes and almost instantly turned right back around to head out with the family to a Chicago Rush game. What a nice family outing it was. I've never seen an arena football game myself and had no idea what to expect at all but it was kind of fun. It moves faster than regular football for sure. Sadly, our team didn't win - but we had a great time anyway!

When we got home, we all just crashed! We were tired. And then it was back up early on Sunday morning. Time to work the farmer's market. Where again I sold nothing. Again, oh well. And a sigh. After that I came home and napped. I was exhausted. I think I would have stayed in bed for the whole rest of the day - except, it also happened to be my birthday! I am now all of 31 years old =)


My dear husband made a fabulous dinner for us (my mom, dad, and sisters came over) and made me lovely cake! It was yummy. I am truly blessed by my family =)

Of course, the kids couldn't wait for presents - which cracks me up so much. But alas, present opening is a big deal.

So my baby sister game me a blanket she made. It's gorgeous and so soft!


I love it. Hubs completely surprised me with a Nook!


Very very fun. I've read one book on it so far (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency which is free should you own a Nook and go into Barnes and Noble with it this week! Which you should because the book was very good!) It's a fun toy. I think I've carried it with me everywhere since getting it. Because I never know when I'll be able to whip it out and do some reading (or play sudoku or need to get on-line).

Anyway, this week has been pretty ho-hum so far. Lots of softball. Lots of laundry. Lots of cleaning. But in between all of that, I've been cuddling under my new blanket and doing some reading =)

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