Monday, December 15, 2008


Stuff going on:

Picked up Christmas tree today. Plan to decorate Tuesday. House smells lovely!
Made a big shopping trip today and am almost done with holiday shopping
Still loving the serger. I have used it a lot.
Tomorrow night I have my first of two classes to learn even more about it!
Sewing Christmas dresses for the girls. Have realized i am a slow sewer!
I need to pick up the pace because I still need to sew Christmas PJ's and also a few gifts.
Also have a stack of other things I need to knit/sew/make/craft/etc
Have not done any wrapping yet!!

But, with that said, I'm actually feeling really good and relaxed and not too worried about stuff. However, if I wait this long next year to get Christmas stuff done, someone come kick my butt! LOL

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