Friday, December 12, 2008

Something to show off!

I finally did some crafting tonight! I whipped up these little ornaments:


I think they are adorable! Dh is taking them to work tomorrow to an ornament exchange and I hope his coworkers think they are cute too LOL! The best part was that I had most of the materials on hand so they cost next to nothing to make.

I will say this, making them was fun! I need more projects like this that I can sit down and finish in one night. And also, I need to make more things that can use it items I already own! Because I have way too many things and my craft room is exploding!!

The directions came from Better Homes and Garden here: Also, they have lots of ornament ideas there (some are much better than others in my opinion ROFL!) so check it out if you need to make anything. And who knows, maybe next year I will declare it the year of ornaments and make some for everyone! =)


  1. Those are so cute. I can't even imagine what they'd look like if I tried to make them!! You have a real gift, Brandie!

  2. Oh! You are so clever. They look perfect.

  3. These are so CUTE! Love them! Now, how did you make them?? Hugs!


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