Friday, December 05, 2008

Sometimes patterns and I don't get along.

I painstakingly searched for the most perfect shawl ever to make for my cousin's wedding. I looked through thousands of patterns, literally.

And then decided which one to knit up. I order the yarn and the pattern and began to knit.

It just was not going to happen. I reknit every row 2 or 3 times at least before getting them right. I struggled through. I knit, unknit, reknit, over and over and over.

Last night I was at my knitting group, screwing up again. Unknitting and then reknitting to see that it was still screwed up. And then I said (in my head) f@#k it and took all that I had (about 40 rows. and as much as I knit, I should have been on row 150!) pulled it off the needles and threw the pattern away. Don't worry - it was just a copy. I still have the original pattern.

And you know what, I feel GREAT! It was so freeing to do that. I have had to do that one other time before. I don't know why I didn't quit earlier. The pattern and I just did not get along. We were not meant to be paired. I'm a pretty decent knitter and I'm sure the pattern was fine (well, at least no one on ravelry complained about it).

So today, I will be searching for a new pattern to start knitting. And hopefully I can find one that I can get along with! =)

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