Thursday, November 20, 2008


Over the weekend I read the book Twilight. I realize I might be one of the last people on earth to read it, but I was waiting to get it from the library but finally have up on waiting.
Good book! I jumped right into the second one (which I finished tonight). I only wish that I had brought the third book to reading right now. But alas I didn't.
Anyway, yesterday my sister mentioned she was going to the midnight showing over the book and so I invited myself along LOL!
So tonight at about 9 I showed up at the theater. We've been told they sold out 17 theaters, although I'm not sure it was 17 - there are a ton of people here!
We were allowed in the theater a bit ago. And so here I sit. 90 minutes until showtime. Because the theater is jammed, I am no longer by my sister and that is a bummer.
I don't know what I will do for the next 90 minutes. I wish I would have realized that there would be time to read before I left my house!
Anyway, here I sit in a dimly lit theater. Kind of bored but anxious for the movie to start.
Here's hoping the time passes quickly!


  1. I hope I don't have any trouble seeing it this weekend!!!

  2. Last Christmas I bought myself this series with my christmas money. I read the first two right away and for the rest of these months I have been slowly reading the third. I don't want to finish it. This is by far the best trilogy I have ever read. I suggested it to my friends on myspace. Now they made a movie which is freakin stellar because I feel it will be so much like the books. Stephanie has many other books she has let out. I haven't begun to read them but I own them. I think she is my next favorite author to Stephen King. I am glad she has been exposed and people are anxious to read her books.

    I haven't seen the movie yet and I soo want to. Tell me if you liked it and if you thought it was close to the books so I can determine if I want to alter my own imagination about Bella and Edward?? hee hee


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)