Saturday, November 01, 2008

Call in the Vote

This is so exciting ... I hope you participate and also, tell your friends to join in the fun too!

Here's how it works - very simple, easy and fun:

1) Join (if you're not already in there) and be sure to put your cell phone number in when prompted during sign-up.

2) Join the Moms CALL IN the Vote circle and make it your Mobile Circle.

3) Go to your polling place to vote.

3) Pick up your cell phone and call 412-282-1182 (tip: add that number to your phone's contacts ahead of time.)

4) Give us a live, on the ground report. Tell us about voting, how you feel, what the experience is like and any other election day coverage! What did the kids think? Find your inner Couric and maybe even interview some others who are voting for more great coverage of the day. The recordings will show up immediately on in the Moms CALL IN the Vote circle

5) Take the embed code from (it will appear directly underneath your recording) and embed your voice -- and other recordings you hear there too if you like -- on your own blog.

6) Listen to (and save for posterity) grassroots, citizen mom journalist coverage at its finest on this most historic day.

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