Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movie Knitting

My oldest turned 9 right before Halloween. She was quite excited about this birthday and has been talking about her party for quite some time.
But, dh and I weren't really planning on throwing her a party - we don't generally let them have parties because we don't think they are necessary every year and they are usually too much money.

So we compromised. High School Musical 3 was released around her birthday. So we told her for her party she could invite people to the movie, but the catch was, we couldn't have more than what my car could carry. Which means she was allowed to invite 4 people! Good for us, cost down, fewer kids, not a lot of gifts, etc. But she was excited about it.

I, however, did not put HSM 3 on my must see list because well, I figured it would be like 1 and 2 - there would be singing and dancing. And seriously, I think Zac Effron makes some really weird faces at times!

So, we got there. And I pulled out knitting and made about 1/2 of a dishcloth!

Not too bad knitting wise. And my girl had a GREAT birthday!

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