Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The New Haircut ...

Well, my daughters and I have been growing our hair out for Locks of Love for 18 months now. We all decided last week it was finally time to get it cut. So I booked the appointment, and tonight, all three of us (together) had our hair chopped off.

The before shot:

The during shot:

(I might add the stylists were all nice enough to make those cuts with us standing by each other so that my husband could take some shots of it. We kind of were the buzz of the salon because the three of us were getting the hair cut together for the purpose of donation!)

After (from the back):

After (from the front):

A little background here.
My (now) 8 year old is the one who suggested we do this. The (now) 6 year old was all over doing it too - not that she understood really what we were doing 100% but she knew she would have long hair, then short hair, and help another child out - which is enough knowledge I think! So, at that point I jumped in to say I would do it too.
I am glad I did it with girls. I think it made charity seem a lot better for them, because not only did I support them, but I did it with them - if that makes sense. I will proudly mail all our ponytail's in and it felt good to do this.

However, all of that said, I really hate my hair right now. Ugh. I just want to cry and not leave the house. I know right now it might be shock of getting so much chopped off talking. And the best news, it will grow back again - which is fabulous! But, as if me not liking it wasn't enough, my husband admitted he didn't like it either. Ugh. Here's praying it grows back quickly!

On the up side, I would be open to doing this again. But next time, I will grow my hair much longer so that when I get it cut, I have more length that stays on my head LOL!


  1. Oh that had to be quite a shock, but I have to say that the cuts look awesome on all 3 of you! I bet it'll be much cooler for the summer too. :)

  2. You all look so stunningly beautiful -- and this warmed my heart. Way to go. That is just wonderful.

  3. Brandie! You look great! Hubby will get used to it. It's just a new look, is all. And congrats on doing something so worthwhile with your girls.

  4. What a wonderful thing you all did.
    My niece did this last year, My 5 year old at the time talked about wanting to do it.. But now she has changed her mind and is inlove with her long hair.

  5. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Yep, it grows back, I promise! :)
    Congrats to you for doing it.

  6. Anonymous1:37 PM

    LOVE IT!

    I went through that shock once too and it turned out to be two days before I gave birth. WOA emotions!

  7. Suppose I should have read this first before Facebook. I think its wondeful you and the girls did that. I donated 14 inches of my hair to locks of love on my birthday two years ago. It was great. Although I so did not like the short hair because of how thick my hair is and how fluffy and like a mushroom it looks. It's for a great cause though and I got over it and will donate again. :)


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