Tuesday, June 03, 2008

For Fun ...

I've seen this on a couple blogs, so I took the test: What's Your Mothering Style?

Your type is: intp —The “Love of Learning” Mother
“I keep the encyclopedia in the kitchen so we can look up things together while we eat.”

  • Intellectually curious and patient, the INTP mother relishes those times with a child when they are learning something interesting together. Whether they’re at the zoo or computer terminal, she sparks to answering his or her “whys” with in-depth responses or new knowledge.
  • The INTP mother is also objective and introspective. She listens to and discusses children’s ideas and questions as she would those of a peer, fostering self-esteem and confidence. Open and non-directive, she allows children the freedom to do for themselves and quietly encourages them to believe they can do it.
  • Independence, autonomy, intellectual development, and self-reliance are probably the INTP’s highest priorities for her children. An avid reader, she naturally imparts an appreciation and love of reading as well.
  • Drawn to all types of learning, the INTP may also value her mothering experience for all the new insights about life it provides her.
I think it's pretty close to being accurate (which I rarely feel when I read some of what these quizzes show).
If you take it, let me know what kind of mom you are! =)


  1. I was sort of amazed as how right this quiz was about me also.. Like you said not many of them are. I had this on my blog earlier in the week, but here is what I was.
    Your type is: esfp —The “Totally There” Mother
    “I like to give my children an immediate response. It’s not like there’s one time for hugs and another to make sandwiches.”
    Energetic and people-oriented, the ESFP mother lives in the moment, “totally there” for her children — totally focused on them when she is with them. She enjoys being with her children and can respond to their needs “on the spot,” ensuring that they feel loved and cared for.
    Fun-loving, friendly, and outgoing, the ESFP mother actively engages her children in a wide variety of experiences. They can count on her to strike up a conversation with a fellow shopper at the market or with the bus driver, introducing them to the joys of people everywhere.
    Devoted and practical, the ESFP mother also enjoys doing for her children. She is attentive to their feelings and is deeply touched by every joy or hurt they experience.

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Sure it sounds accurate, you get to pick all the choices based on your already existing perceptions of yourself, not from detailed "what would you really do" scenarios. That said, I do love my answer. :)

    Your type is: isfp —The “Giving” Mother

    “A people pleaser from Day One, it took me 30 years to
    figure out I could say ‘no.’”

    * Quiet and unassuming in her devotion, the ISFP mother is responsive to her children’s needs, offering behind-the-scenes love and support. She is gentle and non-intrusive, flexible and adaptable.
    * A “be there” mother, the ISFP takes pleasure in physically caring for her children and doing for them. Her best times might be “doing little things” with each child one-on-one.
    * More than anything, the ISFP mother wants her children to know they are loved. And she enjoys being needed in return.
    * Dedicated to raising children who are responsible and care for others, she favors a non-directive approach: instilling values by setting a good example. She may be a strong role model for community service.


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)