Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting serious ...

Okay, we are getting serious over here!!!
Operation Purge is a go in our house!
100_4616 100_4615

Right where the entire family will see it multiple times a day - on the door leading to the garage. Because I am serious about this now. I know, it does seem strange to count the number of things, but it seems more fun to get the kids to help get rid of 1000 things than to say get rid of lots of stuff. Because, what is "lots"?
Anyway, if you can see it, it stands at 150 right now (but the tick marks below the number are the things we've purged since making that sign earlier today!).
Anyway, we are all excited about the thought of getting rid of things, but I had to explain to the kids that getting rid of everyday garbage does not count for this! LOL!

Also, I made more jam tonight -
Some yummy strawberry-kiwi jam!! I can't wait to eat it - which I might add we have almost polished off one of the strawberry rhubarb jam jars! LOL I think the family likes it =)

And just to prove exactly how weird I am to you all - this was my dinner tonight:
Potatoes and meatloaf, both cooked inside my grill!! And you should know, the meatloaf was SOOOOO good!! And I love meatloaf, but I hardly ever make it in the summer because it heats up the house way too much. Ha!! Now I can have my meatloaf without heating up the house. This surprised my dh a bit because I have NEVER grilled before in my life. I figured today was a good day to learn though, and much to my relief, it worked! It's exciting to be trying and doing all these new things (well, new to me anyway!).

This summer in general just might go down as one of my most fun/memorable summers ever. The kids and I are exploring more places - mostly around town and close to home. I am getting out of the house and hanging out with other people. I am trying new things and just enjoying a lot of it. And to make it worth it all - the kids are saying how much fun they are having this summer as well. Which is music to this mama's ears!

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  1. Wow, 150 items so far? That's great! We need to purge a lot more things too.

    I never thought of doing meatloaf in the grill - what a great idea! :)


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