Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What can I say? I have been neglecting this blog.
But it's GORGEOUS outside! It's so nice and lovely and we have been outside SO much lately - and we love it!
I have a feeling you'll see less me throughout the summer. We are just enjoying being outside so much. As you can imagine the kids are especially loving it - bikes, scooters, jump ropes, balls, hula-hoops, chalk, bubbles, and climbing trees have filled our days. We've been to parks - with and without other friends, had a few picnics and are just really and truly enjoying ourselves.
Oh, how I love summer. This winter was long and hard and felt like it would be endless and so summer seems even better than ever this year.
I have even been working in the yard (just a little bit but it's a start!). I was also given (thanks mom!) a bike to ride and we hooked up the trailor for little guy and we've been doing a few bike rides. Oh, how heavenly it has been!
I think this weather does our family a lot of good! Everyone has been loving the outdoors, and we've all been generally happier during the day and tired at night LOL! I even told my husband I'd move down south if we could have this for more time each year =)

Anyway, that's where I've been lately! What have you been up to?


  1. I totally understand we have been doing the same.. Yesterday the indoor time I got came when Little Man took his nap then it was back outside till dinner and back outside till it was time for baths. I think today will be much of the same, it's just so nice out.. So once the little guy wakes up and eats we are so outside.

  2. Ah, sounds just perfect! The ingredients for a happy childhood (and a happy mama!)


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