Thursday, April 03, 2008

Because I can

See! I was thinking of you all while on my vacation! =) (and yes, I really did use my finger to write that int he sand and then take a picture of it just to post it here because I thought it would be a lot of fun!) We had fun playing in the sand today ... although I was nervous we wouldn't make it to the beach today. Me and the younger too trekked off to urgent care this morning. Last night little guy slept horribly. He had these coughs that shook the house and was just crying off and on. Poor guy. The doc said both just had sinus infections and despite the horrible coughing, their lungs were clear, their oxygen levels were at like 99 and no fevers when we showed up. After one treatment he perked right up and so we went to the beach! This is what we sent to my husband ...

So the little guy wouldn't look at the camera to save his life, but oh well, I did the best that I could!

Anyway, right now we are in the car driving to Orlando, in which we will have two fun filled days at Disney World. It was very sad leaving grannie's house tonight. But soon she'll be back in IL. I had no idea just how fabulous the Fort Meyers area is, and I only wish we had been coming to visit grannie more often. Oh well - I know now. And I'm already planning on coming back again to stay with her! Honestly, I really do miss living with her! because she is really a sweet wonderful person and I just love having someone to listen to me all the time ;-)

But we had to leave. We almost didn't fit everything in the car, but thankfully we did. So I told everyone NO SHOPPING AT DISNEY, which I know won't happen so we will be packed like sardines in this little van when we drive home!


  1. I'm glad you're having fun and hope that the little guy is feeling better by now and after two days at Disney. I am very jealous. :)

    Love the beach writing photos!

  2. Glad your all having a great time.. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon.


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