Monday, May 21, 2007

Some bags!

Last week I bought some fun fabric. My 7 year old picked it all out. This fabric was picked out for a very special reason ...

it was all turned into this:

All the fabric was turned into bags. Bags that today were given to her teachers, as today was the last day of her classes - which is why she was allowed to pick out the fabric

Bag number one .. the inside. I really love the lining fabric! That blue patch you can kind of see is a little thing that says "To Mrs *** the best drama teacher in the world. From *** May 2007"
2 of the bags had a tag like that in them =)

Bag number 2 ... I have to admit I am in love with this pink flower fabric. I'm a pink and flowery kind of gal frankly. And there is plenty of it left over ... it may be that in the near future another pink bag shows up on this blog LOL!

Bag number 2 inside.
I would like to point out that this bag was given to my dd's choir teacher, who also plays instruments and is very musical. Although maybe not a perfect match to the pink outside, I do think it was a perfect match for the person it was given too!

Bag number 3 ...

Bag number 3 inside.
Again, there might be a bag popping up here soon with these same fabrics. But maybe not, because I don't have any extra and I have to cross my fingers they are still selling it because I am in LOVE with it LOL!


  1. Your bags are really cute! I really like the pink one!

  2. Awesome bags! I really like the little musical notes fabric.

  3. Speaking as a teacher, bags make a great gift! They are endlessly useful and, if they are as lovely as yours, are always appreciated. We lug a great deal of stuff around on any given day. Nicely done!

  4. what a wonderful gift! They look great!

  5. Those bags turned out great! I am jealous. I have no creative bone in my body! lol


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