Friday, June 08, 2007


First of all, I will probably be doing a lot of baking soon. Why you wonder? Well, the Wilton Company is not all that far from my house. And right now they are having their annual tent sale. And I was able to go with a friend of mine. And we had fun. And I brought home lots of things! Although, going with a friend did cause me to save money (well, at least that is what I tell my dh HA!). But no really, there were quite a few pans we both wanted, so we took them and split them up with the knowledge that we can borrow them from each other any time. And since our children are born in completely different months and they were not holiday pans, I don't foresee that being a problem really. So that was nice. I ended up with: a 3-D duck pan, a butterfly pan, half a ball pan, a race car pan and a firetruck pan! I also got a cupcake stand, a product called silly feet - which I'm dying to use and show you pictures of soon! I also bought 24 silicone cupcake holders (which I think is part of my heading towards being green because we won't need paper for cupcakes anymore and they are reusable), a flower cookie-on-a-stick mold, candy flower mold, a nesting star cookie cutter set and also a flower set (yes, I bought a lot of flower thingies - I'm already planning a flower/butterfly party in my head LOL!), and a few other misc. items. Of course the best part was that everything was very inexpensive - most items were at least 50% off. I did buy probably more than I should have, but yet, there was a lot I wanted but passed up!

We also bought Popsicle molds. Each one makes 8 Popsicles and they were 2.00 each! Better than the dixie cup/popsicle stick method I think. We are planning on filling them here in a bit and the kids are excited. I think we are going to do a few juice pops, pudding pops and yogurt pops! Should be interesting to see what they think.

All that said, that should really be all the shopping I do for a while. Although I have said it before, things are tight. And I was basically told if I want extras for about a year, I have to earn the money to buy it. And although that kind of sucks, the truth is, I do love my house and don't want to have to lose it because of buying more craft supplies! But I am trying to work out something with my sister (who is 14) to come over one day a week to watch the kids so I can get some items in my etsy store! The truth is that I have a hard time not buying craft supplies - it really is my escape in life. However, I will try hard to use as much as the stash as possible. And I will not spend the mortgage money LOL!!

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