Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busy day ..

First of all, I apologize to all of those here looking for knitting content. Really, I think my knitting is going to be taking a break for a while. I don't know how long. Maybe I'll be motivated to start a new project tomorrow, but I feel like I need a break from it for maybe the summer. Besides it is getting warm out and having yarn on your lap right now isn't so high on the list, especially while sitting outside chasing children around!

But, on to all I have managed to do today!

First of all, I have to show you my apron on a model! I love it even more now that I have seen a child wear it. The children also love it! My oldest dd placed an order for her very own apron tonight ...

And so I wasted no time in cutting out pieces for three more of them today! Yes, I really do love them that much. The one of the far right (yellow and flowers) is the fabric my dd picked out for hers. This is no shock as yellow has been her favorite color for as long as she knew about favorite colors!

I even managed to embroider hers. Again, all the colors and stuff were chosen by her. She is so excited to get her very own and I love making them, so this is making everyone quite happy around this house LOL!

Here is a cross stitch piece I decided to start on Monday night. I bet I bought this 7 years ago, if not longer and just now pulled it out. The good news, the sticker on it was a sale sticker and it apparently cost me an entire 1.50 when I bought it LOL! This is nice - it is portable enough to go with me most places and I can work on it as my embroidery machine is whirling away. Sometimes I feel okay walking away from it to do something else, but other times it is important for me to stay very close!

a close-up just in case you haven't looked at enough pictures yet today! It certainly doesn't look like much yet, but hey, I only started it 3 nights ago! I wonder how long I will actually want to work on it before packing it up though? Because I do in fact tend to do that a lot. I just from one craft to the next and leave lots of UFO's in my wake. Someday I will have to just throw all those UFO's away or sit down and make myself finish them!

Last, but not least, 2 shirts I managed to embroider today as well! It was a productive day in my crafting room, that is for sure!


  1. Are those my shirts? They look fantastic!!! Did you get my Paypal payment from last night?

  2. That apron is just darling!!!! What a great way to encourage kids to help out with food prep while they are young. And so cute, to boot!


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