Sunday, January 23, 2005

What next ....

I'm bored with scarves! LOL! I only have my mom's to do, and then I'll have 2 extra, that I don't know what to do with - try to sell them to people I suppose LOL!
The fabric for my youngest dd's bag hasn't arrived yet, so I can't start that.
The other green bag I was going to make, I'm not sure about anymore! We'll see. is having some sales on some yarn I want, so I think I will order a bunch and go from there. I still have my eyes set on an embroidery machine, but the deal was that I had to come up with the money to get it! So basically what that means is I need to figure out something that I can make and can sell! LOL! That or bug my husband about it sooooo much that he gets me it for my birthday or our anniversary, or if I have to wait that long, for Christmas. Which if I had to make the money myself, it probably wouldn't happen before Christmas, so I suppose either way, I'll have to wait that long! ROFL!!!

Oh well ... hopefully tomorrow I'll finish my mom's scarf, and then I'm taking a break from scarves unless someone requests me to make them one! LOL!

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