Monday, January 31, 2005

Still working ...

on the blanket. I'm 60% of the way done and it's getting big! Definitely not a project to take on the go anymore! But I think it's looking good!

I also started another pair of booties. I'm making them white. These will be my on-the-go project while I finish the blanket at home.

Dh did bring me home some fabric this weekend, but I wasn't in a sewing mood! I know I have patterns that need to be cut out first and I don't want to cut them! LOL! Someday ... the basement is in disarray so it's hard to work down there anyway. I was thinking of moving the sewing machine to the first floor for the rest of winter (the basement is also cold). But since we are having a party here on Sunday, it doens't make sense to change it until after then! So we'll see!

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