Saturday, January 22, 2005

Some updates ...

The blue scarf is done.
I started a multi-colored scarf today ... I didn't think I needed to take pictures of it, so I didn't! LOL! It's for my mom though.
The bag is almost done. If I went down now and did it, I would have it done probably in 20ish minutes, so that should get finished tomorrow ... YEAH!
I'm thinking next I would like to knit some socks ... some striped socks seem fun to me so that is what I would like to do!!
I am also anxiously awaiting dh bringing me fabrics from storage. I am very anxious to start sewing dresses for the kids for the summer/spring time. I think little girl dresses are so fun! I don't think I'll be making the diaper bag for the friends we will see for the superbowl ... maybe, but probably not ... I really have other things I want to work on right now ...then again, if dh doens't bring me the fabric from storage, maybe I will! LOL!
We'll see ...
Anyway, that's what happening in this neck of the woods ... what's happening in yours?

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