Wednesday, January 05, 2005

On a roll ...

The bag is done! Yeah!

I even gave her pockets on the inside ... perfect fit for the barbies!

Here she is sporting her new bag! It's almost bigger than her, but she says she likes it that way!

It's good to get the bag out of the way. Now, of course, my other daughter wants me to make her a bag! So next time we go to the craft store, we'll look for some appropriate fabric for one!
I also did another 2 batches of candy today. Not nearly enough. I need to keep pumping them out. The good news is that it started snowing around 8 o'clock last night, and is still going! It's not coming hard, but it's enough to be troublesome and keep me housebound! So hopefully I can get all the candy done today and tomorrow. Although I have until Saturday morning to get it done! I hope it doesn't turn into a last minute project!
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  1. Love the bag - sooo cute and the fabric is cute, too! WTG!!!


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