Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bag is under way ...

As you can see from the picture's below ... I bought the fabric for Mel's bag. These colors are so bright and vibrant that I just love them! I think I have enough material to make 2 bags! LOL!!! We'll see.
I already prewashed and ironed it all, so all that is left is cutting and sewing! I'm excited - now that the fabric is ready this project will move right along!

On another front, my 2 year old wanted her train bag made yesterday! We could not find any train fabric in the stores (which was frustrating!) so we ordered some on e-bay! When we were shopping and I told her I couldn't find it, she told me to get it on the computer! LOL! Smart cookie! So hopefully that will be arriving soon enough so I find coordinating fabric for the inner lining and get her bag made too!

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