Sunday, January 03, 2016

A Look Back at 2015

2015 was a pretty good year overall for me.

There are definitely things I wish were different - migraines, chronic pain issues, etc. But when I look back there was nothing catastrophic that happened, which ranks it much higher than the few years before it!

In January, I wrote about my life when Friends started and Friends ended. It was fun to reminisce about everything, especially to remember all the way back to when I was still in high school!

In February, I had a really hard conversation with my 12 year old. I was nervous about sharing, but people reached out and said that it helped them or they sent it to someone they thought it would help. And I knew that my daughter and I weren't the only ones struggling with these issues and I'm glad I could talk about it.

March was a long month with so much sad news. So I talked about the Side Effect I Wasn't Warned About. I needed to get it out there. I needed to share. And it's literally one of the top 5 most read blog posts that I've ever written. I love all the people I've met through sharing cancer stories. I hate the number of people I've had to say good-bye too though.

After saving for what felt like forever, in April I finally bought the new camera I had been wanted for, well, about forever as well! I love my camera. Still today. And I don't regret the time I spent saving or the investment I made in it!

In May, I wrote a letter to Rita Wilson. I never thought it would actually make her to eyes, but you know what? It did. She read it. And she responded to me (on twitter). It meant a lot to me that a) her original words were what they were b) that she'd read it and c) reached out to let me know!

My 9 year old touched my heart so much in June when he seemed to get some of the things I go through. Those kids ... we're supposed to be teaching them and sometimes they just get us right here and teach us.

July found me talking to a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. And I couldn't say all I wanted to on the phone, so I wrote it down. I talked about how I did, and do cancer. And how I'm not sure I'm doing it that well, but I do do the best I can, which is all any of us can do.

In August, I admitted that I deal with jealousy. Thankfully quite a few people reached out to say "me too!" and is there ever power in knowing you aren't alone!

September had me wondering if I am a writer, or if I wasn't. I think I'm slowly embracing the idea that I am, in fact, a writer. It's nice to feel like I can finally embrace these words!

October was a tough month. I shared some women's stories, but also talked about why October is so hard for me. And how sometimes the way we talk about cancer just feel uncomfortable to me.

In November, I had a breathtaking moment where my husband's love just washed over me and made me feel so wonderful, I had to share it. He's so wonderful and I'm very grateful for that.

December was a busy month with lots of cookie baking, but also some pretty wonderful things I hope I remember for a long time to come. These memories are beautiful.

Now, we'll see what 2016 has in store for me! Hopefully, it will add a lot more wonderful memories for me!

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