Friday, April 25, 2014


basket of yarn
basket of yarn ready to go!
It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

In about 12 hours I will sit down and begin part I of my knit-a-thon!

I thought of this idea last month in an effort to help raise money for my Avon Walk (which is just over a month away! Yikes!)

Anyway, I started today very far from my final goal. But I'm going to go to bed much closer, which feels great!

Tomorrow I will knit.

Tomorrow is also the three-year-anniversary of my diagnosis.

My goodness. Three years. I'm hoping that tomorrow can be a way to help change the memory of that day.

Three years ago, April 26 was the Tuesday after Easter. Tomorrow is a week after Easter - they aren't perfectly matched, but pretty close.

So I will reclaim the day and at the same time try to do some good for the world.

Though, I admit, deciding to sit and knit all day is a very selfish decision, but it's also what I can do! So I will do it!

I will definitely be sharing pictures on instagram (you can follow me here). I still haven't decided if I will live blog the day or not. I know, not a lot of time to decide LOL!

Anyway, thanks in advance for all the support and love!

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