Monday, April 28, 2014


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So, in addition to knitting a lot this weekend, I also took full advantage of my netflix subscription! Because that was a lot of knitting and pacing in my living room so I needed something on the tv!!

So, I started Saturday morning by watching some Freaks & Geeks. Now, I didn't watch this show when it aired. Okay, I didn't even know about this show when it originally aired. But I had heard some chatter and was told that this was a must see. So I watched it.

The show was great, I admit it was fun seeing some of the actors and actresses and I like today earlier in their careers (especially little John Daley!)

After finishing that show, and since it was Saturday night, I flipped on Bag of Bones. I'm not a big scary, scary movie fan, and I hesitated to watch it, but had been told by my 14yo (who LOVES scary things) that it wasn't actually that scary.

She was right and I enjoyed it. And I was able to actually sleep after watching it, which, um, I'm sad to say doesn't always happen when I watch "scary" or even "sort-of-a-little-scary" things LOL!

Sunday was another day and so I sat down to watch The Guild. I heard about this on twitter and since a lot of my fellow Doctor Who, Firefly, etc lovers said it was good, I decided to watch it. I gotta say, I wasn't sure at first. But then I cracked up. As a former World of Warcraft player, and member of a guild or two, the show cracks me up. It kind of makes me miss the days of raiding and gaming and farming and playing.

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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I don’t know a lot about knitting, sewing, or arts and crafts. I do know my grandmother (Oma) Overmann would make a quilt for everyone in the family.

    As a kid, they weren’t always appreciated. But, as an adult they are. When I moved from the east coast to the west coast, I took one of those quilts with me. The memory I have of her is of making those quilts.

    You can’t always forecast what someone will treasure.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Johann Lohrmann
    johannlohrmann (at) gmail dot com.
    Cool you’re a fan of Netflix too.

  2. Brian Leonard1:02 PM

    Looking forward to when the new Marvel shows start up on Netflix...whenever that might be...

  3. Brian Leonard1:23 PM post disappeared. Trying again...

    Looking forward to the new Marvel shows that will be on Netflix...whenever that might be...


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