Friday, May 24, 2013


Well, you wouldn't actually know it by visiting the blog, but I've been doing a fair amount of knitting.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I started this year (which is almost half over. Um, how did that happen?!) with an intent to finish as many unfinished projects as I could.

I haven't done too badly so far overall. I'm not sure I've reached the doing great status, but I've finished some projects. Granted, I have started (and finished) some new projects too, so it hasn't just been UFO's getting knocked out, but my UFO bin is a bit lighter so I'll take it!

One of the things I finished was this pair of socks! 

Now, these socks have quite the story to them. First I knit one of them and then 10% of the second sock last October. I was making them for my aunt - she wanted red socks and I had done that facebook pay-it-forward where I'll send something handmade to the first five people who respond {have you seen that?} Anyway, I made one. Fall didn't go exactly as planned. Then this year started even worse with infection, hospital stay. It kind of made me feel out of it for a while.

But I hit a point where I decided to finish these socks. And so, I picked up the sock that was barely started, picked up the pattern and knit away. And just knit away. I finished it. I wove in the ends. I put it next to the first sock to take some pictures and noticed that the one I had just finished was for a foot much, much, much larger than the original. I was so sad. I had to walk away for a little bit. My gauge had changed so much so quickly. {side note: I do notice I knit at different gauges when I'm stressed, tired, etc but it's usually not a large enough change to make a huge difference}

So I unraveled both socks. And started over from scratch. I used a different needle size. I *think* I original had a 1.5 and moved to a 1. Not a huge difference, but enough for me (plus I went from shorter to longer and bamboo to metal which allowed me to get the gauge I wanted). When I got to the end, I realized I was so happy with them! And I sent them off so they could get acquainted with my aunt =) 

Having to reknit was, I won't lie, a huge pain. But it was so worth it to get something I was proud of. I suppose really, it was a life lesson. Sometimes taking a step back can be the best thing to do!

Project notes:
Pattern used: Effervescence
Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Truly Solid
Needle: 1 (I think)
Pattern modifications: none, other than changing needle size

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  1. Gauge is so difficult to get right. My first two socks were like that. One was too big, and the other too small. I hope my next set of socks are the correct size.


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