Friday, October 12, 2012

Wrapped in Love

Today is National I Love Yarn Day. This day was started last year and is the second Friday in October.

I was unaware that this day existed last year. You could say I was a bit preoccupied. Yet yarn got me through some pretty tough times. I enjoyed knitting when I was able to {and hated the times that treatment left me unable to knit} and I was gifted {among so many things} handmade items: hats, shawls, wraps, etc. It was wonderful and lovely.

For the last few months I've been trying to think of a way to pay it forward so to speak. And I had been tossing some ideas around in my head. I  knew that whatever it was needed to revolve around knitting because knitting is a part of me. Then last week I learned that National I Love Yarn day was coming and so I got to work, planning and knitting, knowing that today would be the perfect day to start something.

So, today, I am launching Wrapped In Love.

Twice a month for the next year, I want to give a scarf away to someone who needs it - for any reason at all. But, I need your help. Do you know someone who need a pick-me-up {even yourself}. Let me know. Seriously. I want to give these scarves away. I want to make someone smile. This is my way of paying it forward for all the kindness I have been shown.

So here is the first scarf I am giving away:

 It comes with a story. Last month I went to Michigan and spent some time with a wonderful friend. When we were talking about getting together she asked if I would mind if she brought some knitting. Um, mind? No way! I had already packed knitting myself! Anyway, she was working on this lovely scarf in a gorgeous yarn and I LOVED it. So I came home, dug through my yarn stash and started knitting it myself. 

I love this scarf. It's gorgeous. And it needs a good home. So tell me who you think I should this scarf too - leave a comment or e-mail me at Brandie185 {at} gmail {dot} com. I can only pick one person, so I'll do the age old trick of drawing a name out of a hat should it come to that.

Anyway, happy Friday. Happy National I Love Yarn Day.



  1. Wouldn't that beautiful scarf be a lovely gift for your friend "R" ? It would wrap her in your love and prayers!!

  2. Wouldn't that beautiful scarf be a lovely gift for your friend "R" ? It would wrap her in your love and prayers!!

  3. What a beautiful scarf! I wish I could knit. One of the many things on my learn to do list. Soooooo here is my hope that my name can be put in that hat (will that be knitted as well) :-) three reasons to pick my name... Reason number 1- my birthday is on Tuesday October 16th. I will be gasp! 40.. Reason number 2-purple is my favorite color. Reason number 3-it will match my purple hat that a nurse made for me. Oh and here is a bonus Reason number 4- Ohio is very cold and test scarf looks very warm!! Have my fingers crossed but seriously I will be happy for whoever gets the scarf. What you are doing is very generous. Good karma is coming your way

  4. What a beautiful idea!!!

  5. I love this. You are so talented with your knitting. I love the scarf, and how generous to give it away. I know you'll find awesome homes. If you're looking for someone down the road, my mom or aunt could use it at some point. Health issues causing family emergencies is making life stressful for both of them.

  6. This is a fantastic idea and you have inspired me to do the same (only with sewing) I hope to have something started early next year! I have a friend that is suffering with stage 4 colon cancer. She is documenting her journey at I am sure that she would love to have something to keep her encouraged down the line as well!

  7. That's a very nice thing to do. I'm sure your gifts will be appreciated.

  8. That scarf is beautiful! I love the colors. Perfect for the chilly mornings that are rapidly approaching the midwest. :-)


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