Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fun

I've done this before occasionally, but decided it was time to do it again!

Here are some things I've seen around the internet that make me smile =)

Rustic Burlap Wreath from Too Much Time On My Hands

I'd love to try to make this for my house. It's just gorgeous!

Harvest Time Apron from Primitive Quilt Shop. I'd love to have this to wear while making applesauce or pumpkin pie. Well, okay, assuming I was actually going to make those things!

Capture Life Necklace from The Rusted Chain. Sigh. It's just fun and nice! Also, I've met Beki before and she is simply lovely.

Double Rope Braid Bun from The Beauty Department. My oldest has started dance classes and she must have a bun for ballet. We actually did this to her hair and it turned out great.

And two outfits from Title Nine that I'm dreaming of owning. Especially the red boots that match the red outfit. Sigh. A girl can dream can't she?

Have a great weekend everyone! =)

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