Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 Toots!

*Note: This is a sponsored post. But, as usual, all opinions and thoughts are my own!

My family loves trains. I've written about trains before. We just traveled on vacation on a train. So, to sum up, we love trains LOL!

A while ago, close by a new restaurant opened up called 2Toots Train Whistle Grill. When it was new, my husband took the kids over for dinner and they had a good time {I was probably at a doctor's appointment or sick or something} and I was bummed I couldn't go with. But earlier this month, I was able to fix this.

I took my oldest, my youngest and myself and headed over to Bartlett, IL location of 2Toots and we were in for a treat for sure! All the seats at the restaurant are near the track so your food is delivered to you on a train. My 6 year old was geeking out about this. He would like a similar system in place at home now. The trains are all an "O" scale train (okay, okay, I can't lie. I have no idea what this means. But I will ask my husband who is a train buff and wishes he had his own model railway at home and report back). Even the 12 year old admitted it "wasn't bad" which is like one of the best compliments she can give at this point! LOL!

Mister Man enjoyed a yummy grilled cheese sandwich. The girl (who is not so much a girl but a young women) and I enjoyed a hamburger. And let me tell you about this burger, it was delish.

But wait! (she says in her best infomercial voice) there's more! The meat is 100% grass fed and 100% prairie raised. The hotdogs are the same way. Seriously I'm very impressed by this fact. I do try to buy my meats like this when I can (which isn't always) so it's nice to have a restaurant close to home that is serving it!

To finish up our meal, and because I am just that awesome of a mom, I let both kids get a shake. Naturally, I had to sample them to ensure they were okay and this may have been my favorite part of the meal. We've talked about going back just to get shakes as a nice snack one time. 

 Overall, I was really impressed with 2Toots. The food was great, the atmosphere is wonderful, and we all had a good time eating there. We will definitely be going back again - everyone loves the trains and I love that the meats are grass-fed.

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