Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So today's post is a going to be full of random things. I haven't much else to cobble together but I didn't want to leave the blog without posting for too long either!

  • My 10 year old is recovering from pneumonia. Had she attended school (and these are the time I am extra grateful she is homeschooled) she would have missed 2 full weeks plus 1 day. The pneumonia is now cleared up, but she's still wheezing, so she's now using an inhaler and possibly a trip to an asthma doctor is in her future? Right now, we're just trying to get her back to 100% healthy
  • My 8 year old has swollen glands for no apparent reason. Possibly she is fighting the same infection that knocked the 10 year old out and just isn't symptomatic (which would be lovely for her). Could be because she's been eating more wheat than usual. Could be just because I life decided I needed one more thing to keep an eye on right now. Who knows? All I know is next week both girls go back to the doctor to get double checked for both wheezing and swollen glands.
  • The 4 year old is healthy - yay! And he's loving school. He's been going 3 weeks now? I don't know - the days tend to blur. But he loves it. And he thinks next year he wants to go every single day - we'll see. The school he is attending has kindergarten so I think we'll keep him there. At this point I'll keep him home after that, but at the same time, I'm keeping my options open. This seems to be the best path for him. Maybe someday I'll write a post just about how we came to this decision, but really, probably not. Just know I thought and thought and thought about it a lot. And this is where we are today.
  • We're still homeschooling the girls - and that's going really well.  It's amazing how much we can get done, especially when 4 year old is at school and isn't interrupting every 2 second (yes, truthfully this is part of the reason we did decide to send him!)
  • Still not getting much done on the crafting front. But I need to kick it into high gear here soon. I have three children that may want a homemade costume (okay, that I hope will want a homemade costume!) I am knitting a hat and mittens for the 4 year old and fall is letting us know he's here. Some days. Other days summer wins and it's hot again. It does feel like the weather is playing tug-of-war right now! I also want to do hats for the girls. They both declined mittens. Bummer. But I do understand. 
  • My husband is working insane hours so I feel like I am now a married, single parent. (And seriously, hats off to all real single parents because I can't even begin to imagine - even with how much my husband is gone, he is not always gone and that does make things a lot easier). Anyway, I miss him. And some days wish he would come home so I could hide from everyone just for 10 minutes.
  • I almost entirely gave up caffeine. I've had 2 drinks with it in about a week. I know, right, it doesn't seem like much, but seriously it is. Because I don't even want to admit to you how much caffeine I was consuming before, but let's just say it was more than 2 a day. So for 2 in a week (and only when I was out of the house and a caffeine free coke wasn't available) is amazing.
  • Yes, I am still drinking coke. Just caffeine free. Baby steps here people. Baby steps. LOL!
  • I recently read God Don't like Ugly and God Still Don't Like Ugly. Loved both books. Wanted to keep reading actually. There is a third book that I do plan on getting my hands on here soon. Because I really enjoyed htem and fell in love with the characters. (Side note - I read both on my Nook and they are both lendable, so if you have a Nook too and want to borrow one, let me know!)
Alright, I think that covers most things. Now I must run. 8 year old has run out of jeans that fit her. By run out of I mean we don't own any that fit her anymore, not that I haven't been keeping up with the laundry. Okay, I haven't been keeping up with the laundry, but still, that's not why she ran out! LOL! So we are off to get some winter clothes shopping done. Except with how my kids grow, it will really probably be fall and 1 month of winter shopping before they all grow out of them again ;-)

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  1. Hope they feel better soon! We need to buy jeans for my eldest ASAP. But I keep finding other things to spend the money on. Like, food.


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