Friday, September 10, 2010

A brand new 8 year old!

Today at our house, we have a brand new 8 year old! And since she spent the entire week telling everyone she was turning 8 today, I'm pretty sure she was very excited about it!


Of course turning 8 couldn't be done without the aid of a cake. Last week I asked her what she wanted. Her request: a cake that was chocolate and vanilla and had strawberries in the middle. Seeing that I've done none of that before I tried to talk her into something else but alas, it couldn't be done. So last night I worked on making her dream cake. I had a good way to get both chocolate and white cake in there - make square cakes and put them together. I found a strawberry filling recipe here (and wow - it's good!) And ended up with this:
But um, yeah, as much as that met what she requested, it's not very pretty looking is it? So I worked at it for a bit longer and in the end my brand new 8 year old ended up with this:
Which frankly way exceeded what she wanted and was met by squeals of delight.

Phew. I know it's just cake, but I always feel pressure to make a really wonderful cake because well, you only get one birthday a year ya know?

Anyway, we had a great night celebrating - I'm so glad how it all turned out! Our brand new 8 year old is now peacefully sleeping after coming down from getting-the-most-awesome-gifts-ever-in-her-life-high which included not one, but TWO new American Girl Dolls and the backpack she has been wanting for several months!

[side note: our dd is one of the kids who squeals about and delights over every gift she opens! Everything is always exactly what she always wanted and she loves everything. Case in point - she loved her new key chains as much as her new American Girl dolls as much as her pack of eraser, etc, etc. It's too cute and fun to watch]

So phew. It was a big day around these parts. A little bittersweet for mom, but overall, a really wonderful and exciting day!


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    aww! i love my little niece! she is too cute!

  2. What a lovely cake and how nice to have a child who is so grateful. Congrats to you to, she couldn't have made it this far without you. ;-)


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