Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time sure flies ...

when you are not able to post on the blog! It feels like I just posted a few days ago. Alas, I have been running around like crazy and dealing with a broken computer. The good news is the misbehaving laptop has been mailed in to get (hopefully) fixed - and thank goodness for warrenties ;-)

Anyway, I did lots of knitting and lots of sewing recently. Both for gifts and both with some time constraints I hope to avoid in the future! 

 Up first was a baby shower gift. I decided a while ago to do some sewing and fell completely in love with the kimono pj's in Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones.

I ended up with 3 jammies for the baby boy on the way. And I was pretty pleased with myself for being able to actually sew and make them. Aside from a few doll items, I've never worked on such small clothes - but I liked it so much. I think I could make a million of these and never get tired of them. And they are so cute!

Well, I might be biased in thinking they are so cute since I made them. Okay, actually that's a lie. The one pair - the stripes - I admit, after making them, I decided they looked more like something a hospital would have a baby wear than anything else. I really liked the stripes when I bought it and didn't envision it having that kind of effect. But I do actually still like them a lot. I'd put them on my baby for sure!

I think my favorite ones though, are the monkey pj's. I heart these monkey pj's. So much in fact I embroidered a little onsie to match them.


Aww, I love those little monkeys for sure! So sweet!

In addition to the pj's, I did a few bibs - these were so easy to make and so fast! I think I might have to whip some of these up for every new baby I get lucky enough to meet!

Most fun for me though, they had snaps on them. I've never added snaps to something before, so I had a lot of fun doing that. In fact, I (semi) joked that I made the bibs just so I could add snaps. Because snaps are fun! But really, I made them becuase we were supposed to bring an item to add to the diaper bag and I thought some fun bibs would be just right for that! =)

I really had fun sewing for a little baby - it (again) made me wish I had a baby of my own to be sewing for, but of course, the irony is if I had a baby I wouldn't have time to do these things - I know becuase none of my three children had things like this when they were babies!

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