Friday, July 31, 2009

Some sewing ...

As of late my 3 year old has been wanting to be carried on my back. A lot. And I don't mind so much, other than my arms get tired of holding him up - but I definitely prefer it to the hip hold or letting him sit on my tummy LOL!

Last night I decided I NEEDED to make a mei tai carrier. And now. So I did! LOL! I started last night.

I am not sure how people make them and sell them, because the entire time I was sewing it I kept thinking if I sew this poorly or wrong my son could fall out and hurt himself! I guess you get over it or you are more confident in your sewing abilities! Or maybe I'm completely strange and the only person in the world who thinks this LOL!

Anyway, here we are modeling our new carrier (and yes, little hands took these photos!)




A close up of the fabric:
(which by the way, my 3 year old would like another one made from blue fabric preferably with cars or trains or trucks or something like that! LOL! )

Anyway, here's hoping we can use it for the rest of the summer. Because I doubt he'll fit in it (or want to be held) next summer.

P.S. I used the pattern here


  1. I should make one for my 16 month old. The sling we have is ok for carrying him on the hip, but I think he'd prefer this. He LOVES the hiking backpack, but that's too much for everyday.

  2. I should ask, is it pretty easy to put together?

  3. I feel exactly the same as you do. I have always doubted those carriers for older children. I am glad to see that yours worked out. Do you feel comfortable with him in it?


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