Thursday, July 23, 2009

New shirts!

The kids got new shirts yesterday. Well, actually they made new shirts yesterday - which of course they HAD to wear today.

Painting the shirts:




And wearing them today:


My 3 year old especially was so proud to tell people he painted that dinosaur. I think a few people doubted him so I stepped in and said yep! We did it just last night!

We used the freezer paper method - in which hubby and I cut out the shape from a square of freezer paper, ironed the whole piece to a shirt and paint! When it's dry, you peel the freezer paper off and what's left is the shape you cut out. So it's looks great and beautiful and no one has to actually be able to draw the shape they want (we googled silhouette for the shape we wanted and just traced it!)

We got the idea from The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (aka Soule Mama - whom I adore and would like to be like when I grow up!)

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