Monday, July 06, 2009

Busy, so busy!

That is my theme song.

So what have I been doing (without pictures to show you even though I wish I wasn't too lazy right now to at least snap a few!) I've edited this to add some pictures because it is more fun that way LOL!

*Making jam (I have about 20 half-pints and 20 pints. A friend helped one day, she took home another 15 half and 8 pints too!)


*Knitting a pair of socks. I started them a year ago and never made it far, so I'm restarting them. It's too hot to knit anything bigger!


*Sewing a quilt. I cut up our jeans. And then some fabric and made some 4 square blocks (very simple). Except I didn't have enough fabric or jeans, and so if I put it together right now it would be about a baby quilt size. Which saddens me. I wanted it to be a picnic blanket. So I will try to get more fabric (and cross my fingers both are ones they still sell) and hope next spring I will get more jeans to finish it to the size I want!


*working at the farm - pretty much just on weekends, but it's enough to keep my busy!
*working at the motherhood (but that is all fun and doesn't feel like work!)

And of course playing the role of mom, wife, cook, laundry washer, maid, taxi driver, book reader, bobo kisser, and a whole list of other things!

Frankly, I've been busy LOL! =)

On another note, I was able to go see My Sister's Keeper last night. I won't give away any spoilers. But I will say I was disappointed and wished parts of the movie were more like the book.

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  1. Wow...your life sounds like mine right now. Very busy. :)


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