Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy, and yet ...

I've been really quite busy lately. But I feel as if I have nothing to show, and not much to tell you all!

The kids have VBS this week. My little guy, who is 3, is old enough to go, but his whole, I won't get potty trained attitude is putting a cramp in my style. I had originally pictured happily taking all 3 kids to their VBS class and bolting home! Except, I'm not allowed to leave, because they aren't allowed to change diapers. I understand why for sure, but if he weren't absolutely LOVING vbs (coming home and singing me the songs and dancing nad telling me all about it) I would pull him out and let the other two stay.

My husband says this makes me the nicer parent because he wouldn't stay no matter how much fun little man is having. I say it's only a week and worse things could happen. If nothing else, I've been quite a little chatter box with some of the regular members of the church they are going to and I'm pretty sure that they are all probably fervantly praying for my soul and the souls of my family ;-) Okay, an exageration but I'm pretty sure at least a few of them are for sure.

My oldest had her last softball game this week on Tuesday. We're sad that's it's over because we did have a great team and my daughter had such a great time. She is however, going to be trying out for the travel team. We'll see. The try-out info sheet was short on info. I'm pretty nervous because most travel teams come with huge price tags. But yet, she loves it and is showing some talent in it so you know, we'll try it and see what happens.

I did manage to do a few crafty things. I made a headband for myself!


You might notice my daughter is wearing it. It's ebcause I apparently have a large head. And it was too tight. My 9 year old said it was too tight for her too, so now it belongs to miss m!

Anyway that's whats up here =)

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