Friday, January 09, 2009

Pretty things

Tonight I was lucky enough to get lots of pretty things. The knitting group I'm in had our holiday party tonight. This is my first holiday celebration with the gals ... and it was even more fun that I expected. And also, a TON more food than I expected. Next year, I will not eat dinner before I go. The food - so yummy!!

Anyway, onto the pretties!

Pretty things!

Pretty things Part 2

Seriously, how lucky am I? I didn't even know I was going to come home with all these goodies. I knew about the grab bag, but a few members went above and beyond and passed out gifts for everyone.

I am SO glad I stumbled upon this group (even if the first night I showed up was the one night they met in a different place LOL!). Seriously, I found out about them through the library craft night, which I showed up to in June I think after having a horrible, awful, terrible day with the kids. I HAD to leave the house and that was going on so I went. And there I found out about the knitting group. I admit, I was nervous to go at first (because I'm a nerd like that) but now, now, I look forward to knitting night with much anticipation and my only complaint - that it's not weekly LOL! =)

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  1. Oh how cool!
    I have a tough time making my knitting meetup- I have another stitch night the same week and it's kind of hard to justify that...


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