Friday, January 23, 2009

Barely here ...

I'm here. I'm just sick and crabby and whiny (although, I am generally feeling that way most of the time sadly) and don't have much to say.

I'm pretty much sitting on the couch, sleeping, using kleenex like they will go out of style next week, and watching as the kids trash the house and leave huge messes everywhere.

My 9 year old commented that the floor looked extra messy and that her brother and sister must be making extra messes (love how she blames them LOL!) I informed her that the reason it looks so crazy around here is that I usually clean up the toys that are left out after they go to bed. The look on her face then was priceless. And then she said you really do help a lot. I think she finally gets it now. She is the biggest fan of telling me I never help them when it's time to clean up their toys. I hope to not hear that criticism for a good week. I will say this, after that conversation she picked up 95% of the living room for me. Bless her sweet heart - which I will remember when I want to scream the next time she tells me I don't help out enough LOL!

I've been doing some knitting, but again, can't show you pictures. I have other things I want to show, but I can't show you. It stinks when I am only crafting gifts that I can't show here lest the person receiving them pop on and see their present ahead of time.

I've also finished all the Weeds episodes I can find. I think my love affair with the show might be ending. If I can find season 6 (or has it even aired yet?) I'll try to watch it and see, but it seems like the craziness is too much even for me. Which, I might point out I do with lots of shows ... it seems I can only take about 4 seasons of a show before my love for it begins to slowly fade? But I have taken much of my sick time to catch up on Lost. I have now finished season 2. At the rate I'm going, I'll be caught up in 2 years! =) Assuming I don't fall out of love with it around season 4 ;-)

Anyway, if you have time go check out There's been a bit of a redesign and it's pretty awesome now. Even more awesome than it was before. As hard as that is to believe. But it's fun. And you should visit.

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  1. Hey, hope your feeling better soon....

    I just finished season 3 of Weeds, lol. Have a few more to catch up on. : )


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