Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Weather ...

My prayers and thoughts are with all of those who were hit by Ike. I watched much of the coverage last night (until about 3am CDT) and my heart broke for everyone affected by it. It is a horrendous storm and I can't imagine those who had to be in Texas and live through it. :-(

On other weather news, Chicago has been inundated with rain. Things are flooding all over the place, roads are being closed, people's homes are flooding. It's a terrible mess. The current reports say the rain will continue without break until Monday night. Two more days of rain. We've had well over 6 inches since yesterday. Assuming we don't lose power or the sump pump doesn't break, we should be okay in our house. But it's not nice out there right now. A street about 2 blocks away is flooded over and the water goes to my 6 year old's knees! A retention pond a block from that, that normally has inches of water in it, is about 5-6feet deep right now. I know of at least 2 people who are flooding in their home/apartment. Mostly we all still have power, but some are without it.

I don't mean to compare this to what is happening with Ike, because I know those people are hurting a lot more right now. But things are much crazier than normal in our part too and it has many people worried and stressed and on edge and the amount of water just seems unbelievable to many of us.

In non-weather news, my hearts go out to those affected by the train crash in California yesterday. :-(

Ugh. It seems like the news just keep reporting worse and worse things these days.


  1. I saw Chicago on the news, and it looked like things were pretty crazy there.

    I go through phases with the news. Sometimes I am obsessed and addicted. I want to know everything. Then, I realize I can't do anything about it, and I get feeling overwhelmed with all the bad going on in the world and I have to back off from it a little.

  2. It has definitely been a few days of awful news. I've been having to turn it off lately so i don't get overwhelmed


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