Saturday, September 06, 2008

Good bye dear friend

A few years ago, my husband surprised me with a brand new laptop for Christmas! I joked that it was like my 4th child and I absolutely loved it. And love it I did. I did all sorts of wonderful things on that computer - play, work, and all sorts of things.

Tonight, Dell (that is how the kids and I called it) is now resting in computer heaven. One of the children accidentally knocked over a glass of water all over dear Dell. I suppose it would be safe to say the computer drowned tonight.
It is just a computer I keep telling myself. But I admit, there were files not backed up and all sorts of items saved in bookmarks - all gone. In an instant. The child who is responsible was quite upset by it all. Lots of tears were shed. She offered to sell all her toys to earn enough money to buy a new computer for me.
Dh and I told her over and over it was an accident, we were not mad, she didn't need to buy a new computer for me, and that we accepted her apology. I guess, though, when you joke with your children that your computer is like another child to you, they feel pretty upset when they break it. :-(
Dh thinks he might be able to save the harddrive and get what I had on there off of it. I won't hold my breath. He also offers the slight hope that after it has thoroughly dried, we might try powering it up, but again, I won't hold my breath.
These are the moments that I wish we had a lot more disposable income than we do right now. That we could simply run out and replace it. But we can't. I suppose the good news is there are other computers in our home - but one is my husbands and since he works from home - albeit very rarely - we can't add many items to it. The second is the old laptop, that doens't run all the programs I use - hence the reason for the new computer a few years ago. But for now, I will have to learn to live between the two computers. Of course, the old laptop we gave to the kids, so I told them it became mommy's again. They were pretty understanding - and the one who felt responsible all but insisted I take it "RIGHT NOW AND MAKE IT YOURS BECAUSE YOU NEED YOUR COMPUTER TO WORK ON AND YOU NEED TO HAVE A COMPUTER!" (did I mention how guilty and bad she felt - poor thing)
I have nothing else to say at the moment, just that I miss my computer already!


  1. poor thing!! I hope things work when it dries out- it was just water right??

  2. Aw, I am so sorry about your loss! I do hope it has a miracle resurrection! :)


  3. Ohhhh.... At least the responsible one was adequately devastated. Hope things work out!


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