Monday, September 22, 2008

Misc. Ramblings ...

Because it's late and I've not much to say!

  • I made a huge oops this weekend. My 6 year old was invited to a party that I thought was Sunday, but when I pulled out the invite Sat. night to mapquest the directions, I noticed the invite actually said Saturday. Ugh. I feel pretty darn stupid over that one. But we'll go see the birthday girl Wednesday and have lunch with her instead.
  • The nighttime routine is already showing huge improvements in my sleeping ability. (Despite the fact that it's 12:45 am here right now. I am staying up on purpose to do some canning that is just too hard when kids are awake). Friday night I fell asleep at a decent hour but I woke up 1,001 times. The good news, each time I was able to get right back to sleep. I did feel pretty sleepy Saturday though, but I still considered it improvement. Last night I fell asleep at a normal time and only woke up a few times. I even managed to do it in my own bed, despite dh's snoring. Although I kept having dreams about missing the party about how it pretty much ended life as we know it on this planet because I made my 6 year old miss that party - I bet you didn't know I was that powerful did you?! I have no doubt I would have had good results tonight had I done it all, but instead I'm simmering tomato puree to make canned tomato sauce.
  • Work this weekend was good. I get next weekend off and then I switch to working from about 5p-10pm at night. I'm not particularly looking forward to it, but I will do what I need to do to make it work.
  • My husband also worked this weekend. My 15 year old sis watched the kids. She did a good job with the kids, but the house is a MESS and I'm pretty sure they consumed 5 times the amount of food normally consumed by our family on a weekend. Insane.
  • My TV sound is being very strange. For about 20 minutes tonight it was giving the sound in both English and Spanish. And now it just started doing a weird echo thing. Crazy. I hope it's the cable/tv station and not my television.
  • This weekend I was told I had unusual book choices. I actually liked hearing that and it made me smile. I read a lot of different things and I'm okay with that!!
  • We still only have 5 people (including me) for next week's Method Party. I have invited over 60 people now (via e-mail, phone calls, printing out an invite and handing it to people). I am very bummed about the low turn-out, but darn-it, I am going to try to have fun no matter what! And hey, if you want to come, let me know!!
  • I finished Squeaky Green - the book Method sent me - and have already put to use one of the suggestions. I'll talk more about that later as I've also been using the one cleaner and I'll share it all with you later.
  • I heart facebook and am psyched to be talking to old friends that I haven't chatted with in a while =)
  • This may be sad, but I already have a mental list going for WTF Wednesday this week!

Hope everyone has a good week!!

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  1. UGH.. BTDT with the mix up on the party day.. never fun.
    Hope you get some sleep.


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