Sunday, November 01, 2015


NaBloPoMo November 2015It's November. You know what that means?
Thanksgiving? Yes
Autumn weather? Yes
NaBloPoMo? Yes!

And for the record: this is the first year, despite doing it for the last few years, that NaBloPoMo just rolls off my tongue and I don't butcher it 15 ways first!

But yes, it's NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Post Month. In which we bloggers are encouraged to post every. single. day.

Yes, sometimes it's hard.
Yes, sometimes I want to skip a day.
Yes, sometimes I think I put out dumb posts just to check that day off.

However, I usually end the month and I am pleased with most of what I write. I enjoy the month to challenge myself. I like having just one month to really focus on my blog.

I am not a serious blogger - I was just talking to my kids about this last week. I was was passed up for a blog opportunity and not one bit surprised. I explained to my kids that for some people, their blog was their business. So they said, well just do that so you can get this thing we want you to get. That's when I explained to them just how hard some bloggers work - attending events, making sure things are posted on time, making sure they follow guidelines, follow-up, regular posting, etc, etc.

Oh, they said, that's why you don't have a big blog.

Exactly. My blog is not my business. It is not first on my list. Or even second. Or third.

But for NaBloPoMo? I bump it up the list and I like to dive in headfirst and see what I can do around these parts.

So, once again, I'm jumping in head first. And we'll see where this month takes us.

I have not pre-written any posts - though I think tomorrow I'll share something I put on my facebook page, but aside from that, I have nothing ready to go. Not even a list of things to write about. While in past years I haven't had an extensive list, I have had a few things ready to go for this month.

And I know I've got lots of friends participating too, so I'm hoping that they'll post something that reminds of something to share over here.

Who knows! The month is wide open! And I can't wait to see where it will take me! 

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  1. I always want to do one of these posts every day things and it never works out. But I'm cheering you on and am looking forward to reading!


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